Our Leadership Team members are High Schoolers who say yes to God’s call to ministry. They do this by sharing the Christ in them with all those around them.

This group of kids has committed to learn important leadership skills while serving our Church as leaders for the Middle Schoolers.


They plan and execute activities like Bullfrogs, Quake Family Mass, Parents Night Out, among others.  They also serve as counselors and leaders for Camp WOW, STOP retreat, Confirmation Retreats, and more!

2018-2019 TEAM

From left to right:

Colin Ryan, Kenny Ryan, Eva Tersteeg, Martin Martinez, Hallie Fedorowicz. Alex Gonzales, Celine Rafie, Emily Ostrowski, Josh Cali, Kayla Lambert, Carli Fedorowicz, Jamie Atadero, and Gabby Park.

Please pray for them so their participation in the leadership team brings them joy and let them grow in their faith.  That they will be a great influence for the younger ones in our community and outside our Parish.